Saturday, September 02, 2006

Trendy Plastic Bags?!?!

What have you noticed at the airport lately? Yes, how security has cracked down... and for good reason. We are dealing with some serious issues right now. But does any one else see the business opportunity here?

So what can't you bring on a plane. Looks like hair gel, lotion, and even liquids like water and cola; electronics are so burdensome many travellers are handing them off to check-in luggage. The U.K is even more strict... your are only allowed to bring a plastic bag with the bare necessities. Here is the website from Transportation Security Administration describing what you can and can't carry-on

What's interesting is what you CAN bring on a flight. Light reading, passport, other traveling documentation and prescribed medicine.

This idea may be more relevant to U.K. travellers (more restrictions), but make trendy plastic bags. If the above mentioned is all the carry-ons TSA will allow why not do it in style. Campers have used extremely strong plastic bags for years. This is the kind of bag you would need, because you want these bags to have some value. You give them value in two ways. One, is to make them sturdy enough where they can have repeated use and wear and tear. Two, is to give them some gusto... possibly make them tinted colored(green, blue, pink) or embroider them.... there's tons of possibilities here. Another feature could be to have different compartments inside or outside the bag. Have a pocket that is the size of a passport... have a pocket that hold pills... and maybe have seperators for random papers and whatnot. Add comfortable strap or handles. The beautiful thing is that the whole product can still all be plastic.

Trendy Plastic Bags....

If you strive to make these for higher wealth consumers, the margins could be pretty nice here.

The only downfall I really see is if these restrictions are only temporary. Problem solved if technology gets better in finding explosive components, which they are working on, but may be far from implementation.


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