Monday, September 11, 2006

GPS Gas Prices

I am not sure if the technology is there yet, but it will be. With the rise of GPS systems more and more applications are being developed. Soon there we will also have the option of internet in our cars from the exponential growth of WiFi and WiMax technologies.

Wouldn't it be great if we were driving in our car, realized we needed gas and could check our GPS system for the cheapest gas station in... lets say in a 5 mile radius. Especially with how much gas prices have risen recently... it's rediculous.

For the mean time before internet ready cars, you could have a website where you download the coordinates for the gas stations of where you will be driving, but of course this will be static.

Through MSN autos you can obtain this data!

You may also be able to apply this to certain businesses. A trucking business or a moving business where gas prices add a lot to the opertaional cost. ... maybe even travelling salesmen and i know there are plenty of those.


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