Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Death of Compact Discs

So I think that CDs are on there way out. I think it's outdated and that eventually the music industry will fully embrace the online purchase of mp3s. The problem lies in what many consumers want, which is the packaging. They want the artwork, lyrics, cd leaflets...all the things not music.

There may be an opportunity in bringing back substance to albums. When you sell these digital albums they could come with the music videos for certain songs, the lyrics and lyric explanation, interviews from the artist, artwork/graphic design or even intimate performances.

Either the record labels would put something like this together or a 3rd party company closely related with record labels. This 3rd party company could be like a consulting company that works with artists, record labels and other media sources to put the entire product together. I think there are enough consumers out there that would find value in this. Personally, I still know that a lot of my friends think it's ridiculous to buy a song for $.99 or an album for $9.99 because of what they are getting.

Also, with MP3s players becoming more advanced like video ipods or phones that play mp3s (smartphones) there is a lot more options for the average music listener

Maybe in the future there will be flash cards that have all these goodies, which you buy from a bricks and mortar store.


Blogger catherine said...

seriously, why aren't you in the music biz?

1/19/2007 4:19 PM  

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